A Melbourne based clothing label.

The essence, the very being behind the word nirvana represents ‘the state of paradise’, and together here at Nevana Threads we are creating a label that represents this through a new take on the word. Our direction in clothing culture encourages a new way of life where our statement is simple, seek adventure, rebel against the norm and experience the world through your own gaze. We are a new style, a new trend, and a new wave of threads that is challenging, unique and most importantly, for us, you, me, the people. You aren't simply wearing our gear, you are wearing the people’s clothes, courtesy of us. Join our tribe and join the movement together, with our clothes in your own way.

The aims of Nevana are simple:

  • Two best mates and a team of collaborators looking for a way to establish our mark on society.
  • Being a new wave of threads, for a new order of freedom and paradise.
  • Spark the adventurous nature within the community.
  • Creating and exploring art that is by the people, for the people.

Paradise awaits.