Jay Ruff - Co-Owner & Founder of Nevana Threads      

One half (and Matt's best mate) of the
inspiring duo that curated this new order
of clothing. A fanatical surfer,  
snowboarder and lover of all extreme
sports. With this comes his love for
challenges, goals and pushing the limits,
the main reason why he is so passionate
about changing the course of clothing
with Nevana.

Matt Di Paola - Co-Owner & Founder of Nevana Threads

The other half of this hardworking team,
Matt is equally obsessed with surfing,
the culture behind it, and wanting to make
an impact in the clothing scene. Architect
in the making, this man is a design genius
and is using his talents to draw up wicked
designs for us all to wear proudly.


Mitch Howard - Journo & Advertiser 

Behind his adoration of blogging, poetry,
creative writing and being a freelance journo,
Mitch is equally invested in punk rock,coffee,
and creatures of land and sea.
Our very own creative mastermind just wants
to make change through his work here, and
throughout his future. Head over to his twitter
and insta to suss his other work.
Insta: mitchy_howard
Twitter: mitchhoward43